Who is Neil Elliott

Neil Elliott is a multi-award-winning Perth hills-based sculptor and painter.  His work is mixed media and created with a sense of humour.  Neil draws his inspiration from history, engineering, his dreams and the many interesting objects found in his studio.


In 2016 Neil won the Packer's Prize for his painting 'Bathroom Intruders' at the Royal Perth Show.  
In 2017 he was awarded a state-wide touring exhibition of his sculptures with ART ON THE MOVE

In 2019 he won best in show at the Hale Art Awards.


Open Studios

The Hills area east of Perth has long been recognised as a place artists and crafts people choose to live, as this semi rural area provides space and inspiration for their art.


Latest Work

"Bluey the fly" was inspired by the 1970's clip on bedside light that I found.
I always thought that it would make a great set of eyes. A fly seemed to be the most suitable subject.

Workshop promo image.jpg


My passion for sculpture extends to sharing my creative journey with other like-minded creators. I get excited seeing how other people interpret what I teach them.

Website photography Angelyne Wolfe