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I was once told by my art history lecturer at college in the early 1980's that sculpture was the ultimate form of art because you are working with more than just one surface.  For years I had stored that comment to the back of my subconcious mind.  Then in 2010, I discovered that there was a sculpture class being held in Kalamunda Learning Centre.  I decided that I would go and find out more about it.  I was also inspired to attend Polytechnic West in Midland 2011 to learn metal sculpture techniques. Here I learned how to weld and use other metal working tools such as a plasma cutter, grinders etcetera.

Initially I would draw and plan my sculptures, but more recently I have taken more of an organic approach. I now let the materials determine what I make. If I have a piece of metal that looks like the horns of a bull, then that is what I shall create.

I am constantly sourcing or salvaging materials.  Many items come from roadside collections, some from friends and others from the rubbish tips of regional farmers.  I believe that sourcing and storing materials is as important as having the right tools or having a great idea.  I take great satisfaction from knowing that I am rescuing materials that would otherwise have become landfill.

Click on images to see them larger. For prices and other enquiries please call Neil Elliott on 0439 801 221

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