Abstract Paintings

I have always been interested in drawing and painting ever since I could pick up a pencil and paint brush. I was fortunate enough to have family members who were creative and offered me encouragement.


There were two major turning points in my painting career, the first when I was ready to leave high school and decide upon a career.  I had always wanted to be an artist but was told that it was not a financially viable career choice, so my parents suggested the next best option which was to study graphic design. It was while I was studying at Perth Technical College that I learned how to refine my drawing and painting skills, as many of the lecturers were artists in their own right.

The years I worked as a graphic artist and illustrator presented me with enough financial backing to leave graphics and follow my dream of being a full-time artist. I attended Edith Cowan University, Claremont School of Art and Polytechnic West, where I learnt new mediums and skills, all while I was preparing myself for my first painting exhibition.

I discovered quickly that my passion was for acrylic based, mixed media painting as I felt it threw out many more challenges. I started gluing, screwing and nailing items to my paintings, which meant I needed to paint on board. I have had a successful painting career selling hundreds of paintings and being involved in numerous exhibitions and workshops.  A selection of my paintings can be seen below.


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