A brush with love

"A brush with love"

This piece came together because I discovered an old metal box that had some interesting components inside it.  It reminded me of the workings of a human body, but without a heart. I remembered I had an old sprinkler head that would make a suitable heart. I then searched for an appropriate head amongst my collection of old brushes. Next, he needed arms and legs! These items I had stored with a bunch of other interesting old pieces of scrap metal.


I then had to assemble everything using metalworking and woodworking techniques.

Once the sculpture was finished, I had to give it a name and photograph it for promotion on my web site and social media.

After promoting the piece for just one day this artwork was sold to a customer in Melbourne, Victoria. 


The next step was to make up a wooden box for freight. It required a foam lining and packaging so that he would be safe during transportation to his new home.

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